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In books you often find colorful drawings and stories that usually take place in palaces. This

year our story takes place in an elegant and majestic location, The Crystal Palace Ballroom in

Bucharest. The 2016 International Tattoo Convention will be held between the 14 th -15 th - 16 th of

October 2016. The Ballroom is right in the heart of Bucharest, near the House of Parliament and

right behind the George Cosbuc Flower Market.

As some of you may already know, talented tattoo artists, both local and international, are ready

to guide you through the fascinating world of colors and skin drawings. They will mix their skills

and crafts and provide an ultimate experience for you, even if you desire a tattoo, piercing or

maybe you are simply curious.

People have expressed feelings and emotions in many ways along the timeline of history, but

drawing and painting have a special place in our hearts this time. Tattoo and piercing artists use

the skin and the human body as canvases for true works of art. So why not wear your story or a

special moment in your life as an arty statement made by one of these wonderful artists? The

Bucharest International Tattoo Convention is an event full of talent, colors, smiles and joy, a

great mean to find ways to express yourself in an original and personal way.

So what do we have in store for you? The usual menu with a pinch of surprises: tattoo contests,

live performances, parties, shops and various activities, all seasoned by the lovely sound of the

tattooing machines. You, the artists, the music and the set up will put together another

wonderful story on the pages of the Bucharest International Tattoo Convention book.

What are you waiting for? The artist’s registration is now available. Just click the registration tab

under Info and fill in the form. Please find further details and updates regarding the event on

our Facebook Page and event.

A huge Thank You is in order for all our friends who support us! We are looking forward to

seeing you again at this year’s edition!